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Bob & Roni Bergman

I would  like to commend Dan Briscoe on the quality of his work in digging the foundation for our addition. Throughout the project he showed a friendly and professional attitude, as well as an impressive attention to detail.

Some might think it’s just a hole in the ground, but I know better. Our requirement was a 24X36 foundation hole that abutted the field stone foundation of our 1850’s farmhouse and to accommodate a basement that was 20″ deeper than the farmhouse basement. Access to the excavation for the forms truck and concrete trucks was also hampered by property boundaries and power lines.

In excavating the foundation Dan had to assure that he did not undermine the house foundation while  excavating the footing of a retaining wall for the field stone foundation. He also made sure there were secure locations for the forms truck and the concrete trucks to position the forms and the concrete truck’s chutes to reach all of the forms.

Because the addition was on the site of the original barn, my daughter asked Dan to keep an eye out for anything interesting that may have been buried. About six feet deep he dug into a trash pile and handed me a blue glass medicine, bottle dated 1850, for my daughter. I was not only impressed that he saw the bottle, but that he brought it out in one piece.

I would be proud to recommend Briscoe Services and Dan Briscoe for any excavating project.

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